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Established since 2009, The 515 Crew is primarily a team of 5 of the finest musicians and a widely  recognised brand within the British Asian Music Industry. The 515 Crew are the leaders in Live Bollywood and alternative British Asian Music. With extensive experience in corporate and private events, this act has gone from strength to strength year after year gaining the trust and respect of Artistes such as Shama Artiste, Chirag Rao, Sonia Panesar, Shin (DCS), Channi Singh (Alaap), Sardara Gill,  Taz (Stereo Nation), Navin Kundra, Mangal Singh, San2, Amarjit Sidhu, Jaz Dhami and Sona Walia.


Led by Hinal Pattani as Director, since 2009 the band have performed major concerts, melas, private and corporate functions worldwide alongside household names such as UB40, Billy Ocean, Kool & The Gang, Labyrinth and The Specials. As well as being a significant player on the Live circuit, The 515 are also a production team and have had various releases since 2009 earning them recognition for creating a unique, and very sophisticated 'Brit Bollywood' sound.


The 515 are multi genre and between its 5 core members and the host of vocalists they collaborate with, there is very little that they do not cater for.

Having toured extensively now individually and together, The 515 will bring an unmatchable sound to your event and the personal touch it takes to make your event that much more special.

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